A "balanced" beginning - Ganymede's story.

A "balanced" beginning - Ganymede's story.
Lab scales - our modern data platform's surprisingly humble origin.

Ganymede's story begins with our co-founders Benson and Nathan standing outside the offices of our now-partner Apprentice in a cold rain too late in the winter to be snow. They had been exploring and researching the idea of customizing business logic for mapping biological data for several months. With Apprentice—a potential client that clearly needed lab data integration and was willing to pay for it—the idea could actualize.

This was enough for our co-founders to take the plunge and launch Ganymede full-time. What began as a modest platform to integrate lab balances (i.e. scales) has turned into a must-have solution for lab automation and data management.

This year, our recurring annual revenue has crossed into the millions. Our platform has improved in many ways as we continue to define the modern standard for instrument integration, FAIR data management, and automation in the life sciences. And as our company and solution mature, our vision is coming to life.

We love all things astronomy, and so we decided to call our approach the Galilean paradigm, after Ganymede’s discoverer.

Lab balances are a great demonstration of why it works so well: in highly regulated environments, automated data capture is valuable for ensuring compliance and reducing operator error. Many manufacturers offer ways to integrate their balances via OPC or various IoT data standards. But these standards are fragmented and incompatible, and implementing the integration is a mess of on-prem installation. Ironically, even something as simple as lab balances can have a huge diversity of functionality depending on how they calibrate and what features they offer, making semantic standards futile. OPC itself doesn’t offer any semantics, which is why it’s adopted.

We knew we could do things differently. Rather than offering a library of drivers or a data standard, we write the driver and standardize the data for your usage. This approach was a massive success with lab balances and with everything we’ve integrated since, from apps to analytical instruments.

Ganymede’s platform makes it effortless to write integrations and harmonize data through our Lab-as-Code technology, whether we do it for you as a service, or your engineers use our platform. Imagine no longer having to integrate different manufacturers' data standards and figuring out what all their different OPC tags or data fields mean. With Ganymede, building a new driver is fast—we’re talking days instead of weeks. For Apprentice, this is tremendously valuable, because they’re able to build an integration to any lab instrument or device with minimal overhead in just a few weeks.

Our platform has even more potential for analytical instruments whose data outputs don’t align with any out-of-the-box driver. What’s the data interface of a bioreactor when you don’t even know what lines or probes will be connected? How do you thread in critical metadata like when an inoculant was added? The process and data structure need to be defined each time. Ganymede can help. We cut our teeth in building integrations for flow cytometry, imagers, bioreactors, custom instruments—you name it.

These days, we do everything from small molecule instruments to apps to bioinformatics pipelines, all while building a FAIR data mesh and data lake over everything as we go. Just drop us a note. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do for you.

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